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The King of Honey

Melisseus Honey (Pronounced Mel-e-SOOS) takes is name from the famed King of Crete, King Melisseus. Legend has it that the royal honey of King Melisseus contained magical health properties which made it highly prized all across the ancient world.

In ancient times the island of Crete was ruled by a wise monarch known as the ‘King of Honey’.

Legend has it that the Goddess Rhea appeared before the King and his two daughters frantically pleading with them to hide a small child away from an evil spirit.  They sheltered him in the palace, lovingly nurturing him on goat’s milk and the King’s own honey and each year he became stronger until he became a towering figure.  It's then he chose to reveal himself as Zeus, King of all the Gods and since that day the name Melisseus became synonymous with only the best quality honey. 

Pronounced Mel-e-SOOS and rhyming with delicious, (literal translation ‘bee man’) our honey is harvested straight from family run apiaries. 100% pure, it is gently handled and full of antioxidants, nutrients and goodness. It’s so good, it’s Melisseus!

Our Products


Squeeze 500g

Convenience and quality.


500g Jar

Perfect size for cooking.


1kg Tub

For those who like a little more.


Hand Cut Honeycomb

Straight from the Hive.


Natural Bee Pollen 230g

Natures real superfood.


Honey & Comb 480g

Pure and Fresh.


Honey & Comb 1kg

A super premium product.


Honey 1kg

Presentation plus quality.

Melisseus honey is harvested all over Western Australia and is a family run business.  It's raw, unprocessed, packaged quickly and doesn't stay in storage for long periods of time.

As it's raw, it will candy faster than heat treated store bought honey. If this happens, leave it in a bowl of warm water for a while, or in the car on a hot day.  Don't use the microwave or leave it in direct sunlight, this damages the qualities of the honey.

Royal Reserve
Jarrah Honey

Realsource Certified & Highest Quality
See the official test results for batch 01-08/000029 at


Total Activity

Jarrah is strongly antibacterial and antimicrobial.  This batch recorded a TA rating of 18.


HMF (parts per million)

Hydromethylfurfural increases with heat. Anything under about 10 proves the honey is raw and unprocessed (although sometimes it can naturally be higher in some varieties)


Jarrah Pollen Count

Manual pollen counts are one of the best ways to ensure that the primary source of the honey comes from the Jarrah Tree (Eucalyptus Marginata)

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